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Idea! !@&* it's Monday again?!


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So this Monday I was working in a different location to normal due to meetings and had a chilled Friday feeling, and then suddenly I realised it was Monday. Brownies again. And I not only have I forgotten to buy the supplies for the planned meeting, I have also forgotten what the planned meeting was. So, I need a last minute idea that involves minimal planning and equipment, but not a printable worksheet etc because my printer is almost certainly jammed.

What are your "that'll do" ideas for forgotten or unplanned meetings?


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This Monday, I nipped to the Nisa and bought a pack of strawberry laces, and we did knotting! So we practiced on wool, and we did a plait, shoelaces, a reef knot and a figure of 8 knot (the last two I learnt from my mobile whilst walking to the meeting), then did then using strawberry laces. This covers a clause from both Brownie Skills and Brownie traditions, so easily looks like you knew that and it was planned.

We then played the Brownie story legs game using the story from the Becoming a Brownie book (although I don't do the first page, only the actual tommy and Betty stuff).


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“Free craft night”. Girls are given the run of all the odds and sods leftover from previous crafts or creative ventures. It also works out well if you have a cupboard that needs clearing out!

“Sixers favourites”. Sixers are given a time slot that they have to run a game or activity in, and they get time to plan it out with their six (who will assist them).


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Making words out of the letters of a long word or short phrase, if you have a theme for the term then use that or you could do Lend a Hand or something else Brownie related. My brownies get quite competitive especially because the leaders play too. You can get fancy printed worksheets but it works just as well on scrap paper, just get them to write the word/phrase at the top and make sure they’ve all spelt it right!

Acting in their sixes. We’ve done mimes of different jobs, or you could do mine a sport, or anything. Or give them s few random words and ask them to make up a short play, if you have any random hats or wacky accessories then great but works fine without them

Beetle drive (or anything-drive! We’ve done a dog-drive and a daffodil drive before). But best to keep it simple if you don’t have a template

Traditional songs or games like in and out the dusty bluebells (or is it dusky blue bells???)


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drama nights - give them half an hour to come up with something with their friends then perform it to everyone else
Sports night run races, play running about games.
If it is fine and dry, go outside and let them have a free play night


I keep some ideas in hand which I only use for emergencies - avoids the risk of them being 'that old thing again'. They include:
Songs - doing some the girls already know, and teaching ones which are new/which most of them haven't done before.
Mini Olympics - discus (cardboard coaster), long jump (from standing start), javelin (pencil), canoe (insert feet in rubbish bag, propel self across lino using hands), equestrian (piggyback race), hurdles (jumping over lolly sticks or similar), shot putt (bean bag), etc.
Monster Picture - each Six has a piece of paper and a pencil. One Six member at a time runs up, gets her instruction, and adds it to the picture. (Instructions example - it has a long thin body - it has a large furry head - it has 5 eyes - it has 6 legs - it has a short, fat tail) - then compare the Sixes' pictures to see how similar, and how different, they are.
Nursery Rhyme Mime - each Six chooses a rhyme, casts it, and practices. Then they perform in turn, and the other Sixes have to guess which rhyme it is.
Good Turn Mime - leader calls out a possible good turn, Brownies mime it, leader chooses the best performer and she suggests the next good turn


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My stand by activity is a newspaper night... lots of variations, dress up one of your patrol along a particular theme, animal shape competition ( rip an elephant/giraffe/mouse) - crocodile infested swamp using newspaper as islands, cut out various shapes out of several sheets and put a letter making up a word or phrase on each one, patrols have to find their shapes to complete the 'jigsaw' and say what the word or phrase is. Problem now is newspapers are becoming rarer so keeping a stock of Metro's or the free ones is helpful.

The other is origami...just white scrap paper to make jumping frogs or land yachts for decoration and races...