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Keswick mountain festival Badge/days out :0) 19 & 20 May 2012


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Come along with your unit or family.
Earn the very special Keswick Mountain Festival Badge.
Cost per person £1, take badge home on the day :0)
Consent form needed on the day to join in.
E-mail me to get you copy of consent form
10am till 4pm please note....
Last session each day is 2pm for a 4pm finish
Leaders you may want to stay and help out for a couple of hours?

The event links are below....
My facebook page on the event https://www.facebook.com/events/375371879173251/
And the event we're at http://www.keswickmountainfestival.co.uk/adventure-base/

You will be able to choose from activities on the days....

Climbing tower
Country code activity
Pack a ruck sack Game
KMF Trail
Message a friend then and now
Bivouac challenge
Compass game
Knots challenge
Lake safety activity
Environment- Lake pollution
International "help"

All activities will hopefully be available on both days, subject to event weather and trainers.
We will have the badges ready to take home on the day.
Anyone can join in :0)
Lyn :0)



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This info should be filtering down through county as it was all sent yesterday :0)
And please feel free to send it to your guiding friends :0)