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Miscellaneous Wide Games For All

Snowy Pink Owl

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I've never seen this thread. I was just thinking about my pack holiday planning last and remembering I had to think of a wide game. If anyone has a disney themed one that would be great :)


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Does anyone have the details forr this wide game? The page seems to have been changed :(
It doesn't seem to be on the website any more (probably 'cos the badges were for the Centenary). I have the pdf of the wide game tho -- pm me with your email and I'll forward it to you.


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Looking for a wide game sutiable for 24 brownies 6 rainbows on the theme of Little Mermaid any ideas??


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Dear B.Owl,

D you have a fairly simple wide game i could play with 25-30 Brownies on a campsite ( any theme, but they really arent into things like harry potter or narnia!) thanks Jones xxx


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jones - check out the pirate ones on the first page, or there's some willy wonka, bird, under the sea etc, have a good read of all the posts - people have put some great wide games on here, so if you're not picky over a theme, you should find a good one.
Wow, there's some great wide games on here. I'm doing a Narnia themed pack holiday in a couple of weeks and lost my original wide game involving a pot of gold (think it's from a guiding magazine but can't find it anywhere). I saw earlier in the thread a few Aslan riddles but if anyone has any other Narnia ideas I'd be really grateful as my brain just doesn't seem to want to play!!!


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i know it's ages since you posted about the Anglia wide game (centenary) but if you still have a pdf file of it could you email it to me? thanks.
Hey guys a really good one I did for a safari P.Hol. was to print off about 30pics of different animals that might be found on safari. We then pinned the pictures all around the venue and the girls had to 'go on safari' and write down as many animals as they could find!! They loved it!! xx