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Moana Pack Holiday


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The girls have picked a Moana themed pack holiday. We have all our crafts sorted and we are having a beach party on the Saturday night. But I was wondering if anyone else had done Moana and something worked well? Or if you have any ideas of what else we can do.


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You could watch the film (check permission with MPLC).

Have the girls 'sailing' on a raft - give each girl a towel or sheet of paper as their raft. Call out weather/wave instructions and have the girls do appropriate actions (make it a version of Captain's Coming).

Temporary tattoos if parents agree.

Sing some of the songs from the film.


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I have files from our (not) Moana-themed Brownie Pack Holiday in July which, combined with the Stargazer badge, gave us many great activities to choose from. For the Polynesian Voyage side we did vinegar volcanoes in sand, made a fimo Heart of Te Fiti necklace, tried Hula dancing, did archery, painted sails in tribal runes, built 'land rafts' with pioneering poles and raced them, and had a campfire Luau. For the stargazing badge they made 'Phases of the Moon' with Oreos, a planetary mobile to hang above their bunk, a star disc each, went on a scale model solar system hike, did constellation hunting of an evening and listened to a mix of Greek and Polynesian star myths for stories. Food included tropical fruit kebabs and sweet Polynesian meat balls on shell pasta. Hawaiian Tiki party decorations were readily available for the hut. Recommended as a theme.


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I've been watching Moana on a loop lately (my little one is obsessed), and I think the story lends itself to a fantastic wide game-
Pack for a voyage (get your lunch packed, & make something to carry the Heart of Te Fiti)
Find a boat (find a model boat, or make one from craft bits)
Learn to sail (practice knots, learn compass points)
Find Maui (follow a trail of fish hook symbols, find a Maui picture or doll at the end, take him with you)
Escape the kokamora (work through a complicated rope/wool net with "deadly" blow darts hanging to be avoided, or perhaps a chasing game)
Retrieve Maui's hook from Tamatoa (play giants treasure with the hook as the object to be taken)
Cross the Great Sea (Scouts Pace across a field)
Make it past Te Ka (set a fire and cook something, put the fire out completely and safely to subdue Te Ka)
Put the Heart back in Te Fiti (a spiral shape of some sort)