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Monkey Forest, Stoke- Any good?


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Last week I asked for suggestions from the Guides, and for a change they came up with some good ones (last year one said 'can we go to a prison and like, meet all the criminals and stuff?' - another replied 'I know loads of criminals, and X's dad's been in prison so go to her house' ....head in hands moment).
Anyway, they fancy going to Monkey Forest in Stoke, but only if they get to see the monkeys - and I know what they mean, cause we went to see the snow leopard at Dudley Zoo and for all I know it was an old fur coat chucked up a tree. Has anyone been to the Monkey Forest and were there monkeys aplenty, and what were the facilities like? What's it like in the rain?
The price in seems reasonable, but it'll cost silly money on the train to Stoke, and then whatever the bus to Monkey Forest is, so I want to know if it'll be worth it if we do go there.
Years ago I went to see the Woolley Monkeys in Looe, and they were adorable and so interesting, but it was a lovely sunny day in 1997, and everything is nicer in the sun.


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(last year one said 'can we go to a prison and like, meet all the criminals and stuff?' - another replied 'I know loads of criminals, and X's dad's been in prison so go to her house' ....head in hands moment).
Sorry I have absolutely no idea about the monkey place ....... But I'm sitting at work giggling now as I imagine you explaining that a visit to the local prison to meet the crims probably isn't going to work, and no neither is going to ex-crim's house - although I can imagine your risk assessment would be quite impressive :D


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It's not far from me when I'm at home- been loads of times and it is good, the monkeys are all roaming about- you basically walk through their enclosure. There's usually feeding displays too. It doesn't take long to walk round though- maybe an hour at most? Good facilities, and next door to Trentham which has even more.

However, if you are coming some distance, I would recommend biting the bullet and buying a day pass to the Trentham Estate next door- That gets you in to do a lakeside walk, and it has a good adventure playground with low zip wire, climbing rope etc- but it also has the barefoot walk, which was most popular with guides when we did a county trip (so much so our brownies couldn't get on it and we had to come back another day!)- bring towels(!) and there's a maze and shops. I'd say there you'd definitely find something for everyone to do.

Monkey forest is a pleasant trip- but I would say more targeted to younger groups, maybe younger guides would like it though. It is all outdoors though, so maybe better planning around Easter/Summer term when it's not quite so cold and wet (she says hopefully!) Hope this helps :)

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Have to say I'm a fan of the monkey forest - lots of monkeys, the baby ones are particularly entertaining. There's a picnic area, and cafe and covered space to eat food bought on site, Adventure Playgrounds, shopping village just down the road at Trentham, and if you have older girls there's Aerial Extreme next door. You'd need rainwear if it rains as all the monkeys are out of doors. Loads of parking if you go by bus, and of course Trentham Gardens so if you didn't fill your bus you could invite others to fill spaces as there's something for everyone. http://www.trentham-monkey-forest.com/information.php?id_cat=1&id_sub_cat=16


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i have no idea about the place, sorry, but if they really like monkeys they should try making sock monkeys! they're really easy, might take a couple of evenings though, and you need to bear in mind that stuffing always goes really quickly!