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Idea! Mystery Wide Game


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Hi All,

I have been tasked with running a murder mystery type activity as a wide game with 120 guides. It will happen during our winter camp (February 2014) at our local campsite and we will have buildings available for use in case of rain.

Any ideas for activity stations? plot? anyone done this before?

I have a few ideas but they are in the early stages of planning at the moment. Hopefully it will start to come together shortly,

All ideas appreciated.


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Thanks Qwerky,

That looks like a good base to start from. I think I will make it a little more complex by making them complete an activity at each "base" before they are awarded a card. I am thinking that I might combine the wide game with them completing the Guide Science Badge.

I have 2.5 hours to fill so need to pad it out a little but that certainly makes a good starting point.


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in that case you could think of replacing hte murder weapons with science based items and they could to an associated activity before being able to ask a question?

the rooms could be replaced with labs, scietific venues (like cern)

and the people could be famous scientists?


Could you base it on cluedo, but have bases with puzzles to work out the various answers, which the groups would rotate round - you could always expand it so doing the activities would provide the date, the location, the weapon, the motive, the technique, and the false alibi - that way, it would only be once they had completed all the activities that they would have the information to identify the murderer and explain exactly how it was done.

Puzzles could include things like following the trail to find where the murder weapon was hidden, checking the streetmap to see whether the address each suspect claims to have been at exists, etc.