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Need Inspiration! Christmas tree festival decorations!!


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I've already posted on the brownie leader forum, but I thought I'd post on here too!!

Our unit takes part in the local church christmas tree festival. Local groups/ schools decorate trees, which are then displayed over the christmas period.

Each year has a theme- christmas songs, christmas around the world etc. Normally, I can come up with something. But, I'm kind of stumped and uninspired by the theme this year!!

The theme is 'Joy to the world'. So far my only idea is getting the girls to decorate pictures of the world with bright colours (maybe glitter is I'm feeling brave!) and writing happy christmas on the back in a foreign language. I just don't think it's very exciting/ interesting though!

Does anyone else have any lovely ideas? The lovely people on the brownie forum have suggested a couple, but I want to have lots of options!!



Get a cheap silver bauble for each girl and ask each one to write on it, using one word, of something which brings them joy - could be done with ohp pens or glitter glue (although that takes ages to dry).

Or make paper dolls of different Brownie uniforms around the world and have strings of them.

Or have the word 'joy' in different languages . . .


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I think your idea is good, but maybe take part of fenris's idea, and use cheap baubles. Decorate half of them as 'globes', with paint/glitter, and then decorate the rest with writing of things that bring joy, or your idea of Happy Christmas in other languages. Or both!!


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Hmm, how about making some sort of music scroll decoration with joyful song lyrics on? As singing brings people a lot of joy. Could be their favourite Christmas song or carol, or Guiding songs, or lines like 'bring me joy in my heart' etc. Could make paper chains out of them perhaps?

Jumping in on the thread (hope that's okay rather than start a new one on the same topic!) does anyone have ideas for tree decorations with a Guiding theme?

It's the first year we're putting in a tree in the local festival, my Guides seemed happy enough to stick with Guiding as a theme for decorating it!


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our school just use lots of glitter and glue on different things and then hang them on the trees?

so could you theme to "joy" by writing the word joy in glue and then glitter on clear acetate or laminated stuff with no paper inside? even better if you could do in different languages?

or do circles that resemble "globes" and hang those up?