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Question? Not allowed games


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we play ladders normally, and have never had an accidents! (lynz can verify....she came to help and wound up playing ;) )

*now goes to touch wood or something so theres still no accidents!!*


It's a by-law, when my guides did this, the mentor (hey Ker-stee!!!) told my AGs that it was banned. So what did I do? I mentioned this to my Div Com who mentioned it to the County Com, it's load of rubbish from the mentor!! Ladders is not banned from Girlguiding.

Just watch and give them rules on how to play etc.

So when we have the mentor to come in we make sure we don't do it but we did one night and she didn't tell us off!!!! So that word must have gone into her head!


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We used to play it with Brownies, but now have too many of them to really be able to do it in our hall properly. The guides at home still play it though.


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Agreeed it's not banned, anyone who says it is is refering to a local bylaw which aren't supposed to exist anymore!

I've played this with brownies for years with only the usual occasional trod on fingers for those who aren't paying attention and couldn't believe how much Guides liked playing it too. However we have had an incident where one girl slipped/tripped/weak ankle collapsed (not even she really knows) and one of her seperated parents decided to take action as she actually broke a bone in her foot. Despite that she still comes to Guides so they can't think we're too negligent but as we've put ladders on one side to now (mostly because of large numbers makes it too hard to play/police in our space) but Aon did say this was the numerous issue due to ladders so who knows perhaps they will actually ban it one day although i agree we shouldn't wrap the girls in cotton wool!


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when i went to my safe from harm thingy last year i asked the trainer about it. she said that it is not banned in gguk, but that some units have either adapted it or try to avoid playing it.
We play it in bothe Brownies and Guides and as long as they don't bend their knees and keeps their hands from behind their back it's fine!

It's probably something people have assumed due to how strict health and safety are these days.


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Here in Manitoba we're asked not to play "Ladders" because so many girls have been
hurt or end up crying - it's just not worth it.

It was a tried and true game - you need a game, that one didn't need any equipment, the girls knew how to play, they enjoyed it - eh, why not?

Y'know, once we asked the PLs to run the games, they had better ideas than "Ladders" - haven't seen it for a few years now. However, if the game has a higher than normal # of nasty experiences for the girls, I say life's too short. Find an alternative or, better yet, let the girls run their own games, and encourage them to bring in new games on a regular basis.

Jean in Winnipeg


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I played Ladders at Brownies last night, and it descended into complete chaos very quickly and I thought "Oops, this is going to go a bit wrong shortly" but amazingly it didn't and they all had a wonderful if rampageous time. Me and the YL included...

Oh, and trying to ban handstands really must be impossible. I find as soon as the girls are released outside about 5 will be upside down. Admittedly, I have the same problem with inviting open spaces and cartwheels myself...