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nottingham GTG A Grovel


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Hi Guys
does anyone coming to Notts GTG have a portable Gas stove
if so would it be possible to borrow another 2 or 3
thanks in advance
Ben xx


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I'll ask my GIC if we can borrow our units one. Can't promise though, as she may be away this week so not sure if I'll be able to get hold of it.


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i have a big one... but theres no way i'll be able to manage it on the train! Carrying my kit while i limp along is enough fun!


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I can bring a small gas stove, its enough to do teas and that on.

Also if you want it I can do a compost sack full of kindling. The wood stack at Cotgrave isn't bad, but there isn't allot of kindling about.


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you can't really wobble banana an alter fire katie, unless you are Very Gentle!!!
Maybe if we talk nicely to Baldrick we can wobble banana the BIG campfire??
Though i will need a new Great Stick!