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Nottingham GTG


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Does anyone have something like a generator or way of getting power?

Smartie and I are planning a bit of a rave up, so we need power for the sound system for our tunes.


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my mum has a petrol generator, or if they've got electric hook up for caravans, we could pay for one of them - i have the necessary cabling :D


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OK have spoken to the warden Genny's are cool as is music
usual rules apply ( don't disyurb tghe other campers, but he did say they were a noisy bunch lol)
SO rave away , BTW is the music system Ipod compatible cos i will be brining mine lmao


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Ooooh, I can hopefully borrow a little PA system that has an Ipod dock thingy, if my Dad will lend me one from his work.
Its either battery powered or plugged in.


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rave time! We ned to discuss CHOONS lette :D

Ben, do they have electric hook-up on site? Or shall we bring a battery operated stereo?


ooooh Im now Brownies GiC!!
too late now MR!! u do realise its poss the worst thing to have typed round a group of women as ul get ripped for it all wkend lol!!!