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Notts GTG Final Details Kit List and Health form


General Dogsbody
Final Details for Notts GTG
Venue: Holly gate Campsite , Cotgrave GR. SK 655 363

Date Fri 14th - sun 16th Aug
Times : I will be on site from Midday on Friday

Health Form is Attached Please fill in and Bring in sealed envelope with both your realname and forum name on and hand in to either myself or Katie
PLEASE ADD GP's details on the back

Kit list will follow

LIFTS from Station
If anyone needs a lift from Nottingham Station can they please PM me ( can u do it again even if you already have) and I will give you my mobile number to ring when u arrive so I can send the Transport to you


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General Dogsbody
Now I know you are all expirenced Guiders so I will try not to be too patronising

Sleeping bag
Camp Blanket
Guidewear or whatever you wanna wear
wash kit ( there is a nice shower block)
Personel Medication
Wet Weather gear
Any food items you want to bring
Any torches lanterns camping lights

we are providing Tea, Coffe and Squash if you want anything else please bring your own

Also if you have anything youwish to donate to the cocktail bar ( the dregs from your drinks cabinets prehaps fell free lol)

We will have an ipod compatible stereo so any cd's of mp3 players will be welcome

Anything you need I might have forgotten

Look forward to meeting you all
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i was just checking! i now need to find myself a plate bag cos i haven't had one since i was 17!!!!

chair isn't a problem at all! i always take one to archery, so it's always ready to go!


Archery Goddess and Moderator
careful or clara the tea monster will steal it!!! we may need to take a timer to turn the gas on in the morning or you'll get her stumbling around unable to ask where the tea spoons are - she'll ask you for an "implement"!!!!