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number games


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am doing number fun badge in September and looking for some number games to play with the brownies any ideas and instructions gratefully received thank you


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The children at school really enjoy playing the 'Eleven' game.

The children take turns in counting up to eleven, but can only count a maximum of three numbers (you can say just one number or two). The person that says eleven is out.

You have to think really tactically with this. It can be played in pairs or a large group.


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unlucky 7

girls sit in circle with legs (or arms) out in front of them and count around the circle until number 7 is reached and that limb is folded out of play (one count for each arm/leg - so person one says 1,2 and person two says 3,4 and person three says 5,6 and person four says 7 and puts that arm/leg behind them and then counts 1 and person five says 2,3 etc) everytime number 7 is reached that person folds leg under or puts arm behind their back so that limb cannot be counted another time... and then begins again and going round and round until only one person left with an arm/leg out...

if person already has an arm or leg out of play, they can only say one number when the count goes by them...

can be played with any odd number, but usually played for number 7 or number 13

another game is buzz - count in 2's or 5's or 1's or 3's until a number is reached and that person has to say "buzz" rather than that number? so if buzz is 20, could be 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 buzz 2 4 6 8 (person is out if they make a mistake - but can be tricky for younger girls/SEN who don't know their times tables)


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Have the sixes in files, each with a chair in front of them (the post office) and a chair behind them (the cash box). Chairs are solid-backed, and turned with the back to the Brownies so they can't see what is placed on the seat. Start the game with 50p in change in each 'cash box'. Call out an amount of money and the Brownie at the front of each team has to run to the cash box, take the money required, and put the sum asked for on the 'post office', then run to the back of her Six - first one back and accurate gets a point. Then call another amount for the next set. As the coins are split up between the front and back chair, so they will have to move them to get the correct amount in the 'post office' - the more they can memorise which coins are where, the quicker they'll be . . .


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How about groups and bases? Call out groups of (any number size) and bases of (any number) and the resulting groups ust match hat you called. So groups of 2, bases of 5 would mean two to a group with 5 body parts touching the floor so two feet each and one girls hand...

Or ladders (or a variation of) with numbered pairs. Can make it harder by calling out a sum and the pair with the resulting answer have to run/start off the Mexican wave/whatever else the variation allows =D