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OT: Spellings


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Hi all,

I'm a TA in a primary school (working with year 1). We have spelling cards where the children learn a set of spellings and then get a certificate and then move to the next one (they're countries, as they progress they 'travel' to a further away country)

We have a group who are stuck on the same words and have been most of the year. I am going to start taking these children (need to finish another group first) to try and get them unstuck (basically they're not practicing at home and no amount of talking to parents is helping).
Any ideas how to do this in a fun way? this particular group are not going to sit and write them out over and over for me (nor will that help them).
I have googled and got some ideas but was wondering if anyone had any tried and tested methods


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can they read the words? put the words on the classroom door, ask them to read and spell out a word everytime they come through the door. or at least first thing in morning, lunchtime and when they leave to go home. start with one word then 2 then choose a diffferent 2. to start with they can look at the word then try covering it up. ask them to ask and check each other.
make a game with the letters need to make the words ask them to make the words, first of all whilst being able to copy them then again when they cant see them. if they struggle only give them the letters for one word at a time.
Try writing them a few times a week as this will help them but dont just use pen and pencil, use a stick in sand, paint, fingers in shaving foam.


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I've found the more ideas/activities you can do with them the better and a completion work though watch for ones who get nervous and panic (mind going blank), games where they have to spell out words ( like fishing game, or domino type, scrabble) using words they are stuck with. worksheets where letters are missed out and they have to put them in, cards where they have to spell out word then hold it up. asking words and getting them to spell out word by rote. Also a spelling book where they write down the words they are struggling with and can refer back to check spelling. Keep activities short varied but very repetitive. If this does not help the words may to be too hard for the level they are at spelling wise or they may have learning difficulties (dyslexia or short term memory problems)