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Pack Holiday Preparation Games


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Does anyone play the Were going on Pack Holiday Game where you split the unit into 2 teams give them an item and then read a story and when you say there item they run. My unit love this game but I can't find the story I wrote when I was a young leader we are going on pack holiday this weekend and I just don't have the time to write the story as I have a lot on this week. If anyone as a copy of a story I could use I would be very grateful. Thanks in advance x
Not aware that there is a story for it ...

as a leader, we would start off that "we're going on holiday and I am packing my case and am thinking of taking my cuddly toy to keep me company when I go to sleep at night" and then pause ....... and ask the next person to carry on repeating my lines and asking them to choose something else ... x
Other games we have played for preparation for pack holiday is the washing up game or laying the table bingo ....
Its amazing how many children have no idea how to lay the table or how to wash up as well ...
even peeling a potato or carrot - we show them how but ask mums to help teach them and we show the type of peeler we prefer ...


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Now I'm thinking about this more, how does it work as all the 'boards' would be the same if they're all knife, fork, spoon, etc!


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Washing up relay!!

Have some messy food (chips and ketchup thn ice cream works well)....they lay the table in groups then eat it then line up one rinsing bowl, a soapy bowl and tea towel....line up...first girl takes n item goes though te takes then next person goes....first to finish washing up wins


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we do laying the table beetle which works well :)
That's what we do too - we've done paper cut out plates, cutlery etc before, but using the real thing (or plastic cutlery, paper plates etc) works even better if you have it to hand.

We do 6 for a place mat (can't start until you have this) and then 5: plate, 4: knife etc...


Would someone mind PMing me a copy of the Laying the Table Bingo and the Washing Up Relay, please? My computer crashed and I've lost all the wonderful goodies I had stored on it. My forum inbox is full so you will have to email me.


We tend to have a few rounds of beetle (to cover different sorts of meal) - we give out a coloured card and a dice to each Six, and have a table in the middle of the hall with the (plastic!) crockery and the cutlery.

6 - place mat, 5 - cup, 4 - knife, 3 - fork, 2 - soup spoon, 1 - pudding spoon.

Usual rule of a 6 to start, to get beetle all the items have to be arranged correctly as a place setting on their table . . .


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Thanks everyone this as helped a really stressed out Guider who is off on pack holiday on Friday. Did Guides last night, Rainbows and Brownies tonight and am DC so a District meeting tonight and had a PTA meeting on Monday which im also the chair of. So once again a big thanks xxxx