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Question? pakistani craft ideas


The Wicked Witch of the West (15,000+ posts)


The Wicked Witch of the West (15,000+ posts)
its a fundraising badge like we had for haiti

many units are getting girls to do themed Pakistani activities to earn the badge or raising monies to buy the badge (or both)

badge costs £2 and approximately £1.70 of each badge sell is going to go to DEC Charity (the specialist Disaster Emergency Committee, DEC spreads the money between all the key support charities working to help the people of Pakistan during this emergency)


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I'm liking the idea of the Pakistani sweet making...I have 5 patrols and want to do a round robin thing - 5 stations in one evening, so ideas need to be quick. Has anyone found a quick non-cook recipe yet (similar kind of thing to the aforementioned peppermint creams)?


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re the special drawings on the hands (Mehendi)- what is the best thing to use for young kiddies? I've heard eyebrow pencil is good but haven't got one to try out and don't want to buy one if there is a better suggestion?
I've also heard liquid eyeliner recommended - I haven't tried either, we get the girls to draw round their hands then draw their designs on the paper - and that way, they have something to keep longer term if they want.


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tried the armpit fudge recipe with mixed spice today with my own kids and rolled them into small balls - and it was ok (tasted spicy and sickly sweet! - but I always hate taste of armpit fudge anyway!)

used cocoapowder still for colouring but no vanilla essence - reckon it would be a way of doing a no-cook sweet that mimic some of the flavours of pakistini cooking?

link to armpit fudge:

a few recipes:

we've actually done a version without cream cheese before just using icing sugar, margarine, cocoa powder and vanilla essence (plus can be done in mixing bowl instead of a ziplock bag!)


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I have just been looking for other ideas for recipes ideas for Brownies.
Apparently blood oranges are very plentiful in the Peshawar region of Pakistan and are served sliced as a salad (Madhur Jaffrey's Ultimate Curry Bible)

Basically, peel and slice the blood oranges crossways and dust generously with freshly ground black pepper.

It would be a simple addition to a Pakistani themed evening.