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Patrol Leaders Councils


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Up to you, lol! You've every right to have it signed by the girls, but equally making an enemy of your mentor might not be the best plan :p


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We used to have a PLC every 2 weeks but the PL's now arn't very good at leading and stuff, so i dont think my leader will do that.

But our leader is mostly intrested in the BP Patrol now.


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It's the actual logistics of having a regular PL Council that we get stuck on - do we hold them during the meeting or at another time? Do we ask other patrol members to give their ideas to their PL who gives them to us? Do we invite Patrol Seconders as well or not? How often do we do it?
What we have been doing is getting everyone together about once a term and discussing the good and bad bits of the last year and gathering ideas for the next term's planning. Then it covers part of their Challenge badges too!