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Peak 2015


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I'm thinking of going to Peak next year as staff, but would be going on my own by public transport. I'm not an experienced camper, which is why Peak appealed, as if I go for the catered option i won't have to worry about cooking and lugging cooking equipment around.

I'm really just wondering if this is the stupidest idea ever or if it sounds like something that would be doable?


GIC Guide/SS
Plenty of people from both guiding and scouting go to camps on there own. I recone Within 2 hours of being there you will have forgotten you were even worried. Everyone talks to everyone and you will come away with so many new friends that it will feel like you have known them forever.

Chance are you will bump into people on the train/bus before you ever arrive and even greater chance you will bump into people from here


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Thank you! I went to the Malvern challenge with my unit last year and definitely talked to lots of other leaders, everyone was really lovely and friendly.

Im just a bit worried having never camped without my gic who has been taking guides camping for years and years, and can tell me what to do with setting up and stuff (Malvern challenge was my first camping experience, I've since been on a weekend camp with the unit) And the practicality of getting myself and my gear there on the train. Not knowing what I'm doing makes me nervous and turns me into a bit of a drip!