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Pet theme wide game: ideas needed!


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Trying to develop a wide game based broadly on a story of a pet dog escaping, but getting a little stuck on what elements/activities to include!
Ideas so far:
Following a paw print trail
Building a dog house (maybe with sticks & knotting, maybe with cardboard boxes?)
Fetching water to fill a water bowl

I need to fill up about an hour...

So, ideas?!? :)

Batty Owl

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Could you do something along the line of 'going on a lion hunt" only make it a dog hunt with an activity for each type of terrain?
mud, walk across damp sand and make plaster casts of the footprints. Or identify each others
short grass. identify at least 4 different plants in an area of grass
forest. find 6 different leaves maybe paper ones not natural to the site.
litter bin. the dog turned it out. sort the rubbish into recyclables or non-recyclables
river. apple bobbing


Mrs Jones' dog has escaped from her yard, and she is worried sick. Fortunately there are a lot of puddles round, so there is a chance that you'll be able to follow a trail of paw prints . . .

The trail of paw prints has run out but you meet with a boy who tells you there are reports of a stray dog in ______ street. Work out the quickest route to get there. Draw a sketch map.

False alarm. There is a possibility that local vets will have heard something. Find contact details for 3 veterinary surgeries in your area . . .

The dog has been found in ____________ street. You will need to go and collect him, but his lead is missing. Using only what you have on you, what could you use to improvise a dog lead?

The dog has a small wound on it's leg which is bleeding. What could you do to help until you can get the dog to the vet?


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use natural materials to make a sign to help the next group know which way to go (ie, make an arrow on the ground out of sticks etc)