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pirate games


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am doing pirate night and looking for some games have got port starboard walk the plank any ideas would be greatly received
Hiya, I've also been thinking about doing a pirate themed meeting, there's so much you can do with that theme!

You could play Lighthouses: for this you just need a torch and a blindfold.

One girl sits at one end of the hall blindfolded. She is the lighthouse and has to try and shine her torch on the incoming guides. The lighthouse cannot move the torch when it is turned on, so she has to hear the person, aim, then turn on the light.

The lights are turned off so you can see the beam of light and who was touched by it, then all the other guides (the boats) have to try and silently get past the lighthouse without her shining the torch onto them. You can send one girl at a time, but usually we end up sending three or four at once.

Once a girl has got caught she has been "sunk" so she has to sit down exactly where she is, which also creates more debris in the way of later ships. You can also start off with chairs in the way too, so it's not a straightforward walk. Another way to make it more fun is to have two lighthouses down the end (two girls, two torches)

Hope that all made sense, and have fun ^_^


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Drink "rum", make eye patches, obstacle course / race hopping on one leg and toy bird on shoulder, treasure hunt complete with map.