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Question? Present Game

I remember playing a game as a guide where you would unwrap a gift and keep swapping it.

Does anyone still remember/ know the rules and how to play? I'm running a camp and would love to bring it back.

Thank you


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I've definitely done that as well, I think that version involved dice and certain numbers meant you could pick one/keep/swap? Would love to have proper instructions if anyone can remember =) (I hope I'm thinking about the right thing here...)


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As a family we play one where you have x number of £1 shop type pressies per person wrapped up ready in the middle of the table. You need 2 packs of cards. Deal out 1 pack between the players, using all the cards. Then turn a card over from the other pack one at a time. Whoever has that card can swap it for the pressy - or as pressies go out they can choose to steal one from someone else instead. Keep going until all the pressies are gone and at that point it gets interesting as you can only then steal from someone else when your card comes up. You nearly always find that one package catches the eye and everyone keeps trying to get it. Rule is that no-one can be left with less than 1 pressie. Once all the cards are used, everyone can trade unopened or move straight on to opening pressies. With us the most popular last time, stolen all the time and back again turned out to be a small can of wd40 :)


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We play surprise bingo usually as one of the evening activities on guide holidays

We get enough different £1 shop type items - one for each girl. The gifts are all wrapped up and its good to get some that are unusual shapes or not easy to guess what they are.

We then play bingo and when they complete a line they can choose to either unwrap their gift and see what it is or swap it with someone else. If they unwrap the gift they loose the chance to swap on that go but can swap when they complete their next line.

The bingo cards we use have four lines on them so each girl gets to swap her gift - if she wants - up to four times. If they choose to unwrap their gift someone else can still swap with them.

It gets very exciting especially when one makes it clear that they are after a certain item and others keep taking it away from her.

We tend to find the Guides don't unwrap the gifts until the end of the game


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I've done one with family where we had 3 presents. You had raffle tickets and had to pick 1 out at a time if it ended in either a 0 or 5 you got to choose a present. After each gift was taken you kept on going until all the tickets were used up. So you kept taking a present off someone. We used bottles of wine (e.g. an expensive one, one that wa reasonably priced and one my mum got from Cyprus which tasted awful) You could used other items as well.


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We play the one that Cerys plays, usually with 3/4 small cheapo pressies...teaches the girls how to lose with grace :)

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