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Pressies for unit helpers - any ideas?


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When a teacher left one class made her a book of memories.
They bought a nice hard-back book & put a photo of one of the pupils on each page. That person then wrote a message under it - different memories of things they had done in her class / good luck messages & thank yous etc.
It was a really thoughtful gift - I would have liked to receive it.

I think the charity idea depends on the person concerned. I know some who would love it & some who would not be impressed!
I did something similar for my YL when she left for uni after 4 years with us. I got each Brownie to write a little message on a square of paper. I found lots of photos of her doing various things and I wrote out a poem which is similar to something that I'd seen someone else do for Mother's Day. I put it all in a little jewellery box and tied it with a ribbon. The poem was this:

This is a very special gift,
now please don't make a fuss,
the reason it's so special is,
its just to you from us.
Whenever you are lonely,
or ever feeling blue,
you only have to hold our gift,
and know we think of you.
So when you're missing Brownies,
think of Guiding far and wide,
hold the box close to your heart
fond memories are inside.


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When my GIC retired (she got married she was only in her 30s) i got her a yellow rose bush wasnt that expensive but thought was there. If she kept it alive was down to her!
I'm not sure if this has been said, but they actually have a Brownie Rose that's yellow. I remember my Mum giving one to the two Guiders at my old Brownie pack when my sister's left (for putting up with us!)

You can find them here: Here

I think something personalised, like a picture of the Brownies with messages or something sounds like a good idea. Personally, that's what I'd prefer, because then it has memories connected to it.