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Rainbow Sleepovers


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I'm interested in doing my overnight qual.
However I deal with a Rainbow unit only. Do many Rainbow leaders do sleepovers?
I can't see many parents agreeing to such young children sleeping over with someone other than family?
I'm curious of if there's any point.

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sandra 100

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i am not a rainbow leader but I know lots of rainbow leaders who do sleepovers you will get some very confident girls who will want to sleepover and some girls who are most scared and also parents who are unsure but we still get that in Brownies if you make sure you are not to far away from home so parents can always come to collect them if any problems


We've done three and had great fun - not a lot of sleep though! If you don't give the parents the choice, you won't find out if the Rainbows want to come!


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We run two every year and have around 15 girls on each one. Some parents think they're too young but in my experience you should get the girls enthused and they do the rest. If you're confident with offering it the parents will be fine. I took over a unit last year and the old leader said all the parents think they're too young. I offered it, and have half the unit coming. Just because I put if out with confidence of this is part of Rainbows.


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Your local Brownie leaders will be delighted if you run Rainbow sleepovers - makes it so much easier when it comes to Pack Holiday as most of the girls have been away before.

If you are really worried, why not start with a sleepover for the older girls only?


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We've only started running Sleepovers recently, as another Rainbow leader we have links with has done her qualification, so far they have been a complete success!

I would say the majority of the time it is the parents who have more of a problem with it than the girls! It entirely depends on the parent's attitude and the circumstances at home, some have never spent a night away from home, others are used to sleeping at Grandparents/friends houses. As above I would suggest starting off very local, so the parents know that they can always come and collect if needs be (although we have only had this happen once so far due to a nasty tummy bug).

Girls tend to come in groups, so if you can get the most confident interested then their friends will tend to follow suit. We always make sure to let them know that they will be in rooms with girls they know and have a parents meeting each time to discuss any worries.


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we did one at a local campsite hall last year. girls loved it especially as it snowed and we could get sledges out and play in the snow. if parents are happy to let them go then offer one though I usually say a minimum of 6 girls going or it isn't worth doing. I wanted to do another one but couldn't get enough girls (my unit is only 10 girls)

they do tend to need help with stuff and you may have to deal with some who need the bedtime pants but on the whole they love it. we had the parents set up the beds for them then they knew where they were sleeping, had found 'teddy', pyjamas and knickers we there too.


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I think there is a minimum number of girls required for you to take your license, but it should tell you on the website.

I would go for it x
I agree that parents' apprehension transfers wonderfully to their offspring.
All girls that we have ever taken away have loved it. It can be a real confidence boost.