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Rainbows promise in a new unit

I am setting up a new unit in my village and was wondering what other units did by way of a promise ceremony, when the girls are ready to make their promise.

I want to make the event as memorable as possible without making it to regimented.

Ideas welcome please.

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We find that as Rainbows aren't always with us very long (especially when they are 6+ before they start) they don't remember the ceremony from one term to the next. We did have a song, but you had to teach it to them every time like they never heard it before! So I would recommend something that they can pick up quickly and not have to remember.

We just stand in a Rainbow shape with girls already enrolled holding objects like a Rainbow, Olivia doll, whatever you use in your unit and then the new girls make their promise. We invite parents to stay and watch, so we have it at the start of the evening to make it convenient for them. The new girls also get a little extra gift, something from the shop, we did scarves during the centenary and now we are back to mugs at the moment. t


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This is what we do:

Parents/families invited to come 15 minutes before end of meeting. They sit at the end of the hall.

2 of the eldest Rainbows (who haven’t had a turn before) are chosen to hold our Rainbow arch at one end of the hall.

All other Rainbows, except the ones making their Promise, form a line holding hands in the air.

The new Rainbows start at the other end of the line and weave in and out of the Rainbows, while we sing (tune of London Bridge):

Big black clouds and rain and sun
Rain and sun, rain and sun
A Rainbow now will surely come
Here comes a Rainbow!

We sing it again if needs be, so that as we sing “here comes a Rainbows”, the new girls end up walking under the Rainbow arch. I then point out that fact, and ask the other Rainbows to sit down.

Most of my Rainbows are confident to say their Promise by themselves (I check with them earlier in the meeting) but I give them the option of saying it with the other girls making the Promise, or with a different friend’s support, or the whole unit together if necessary.

I sometimes say something like “Rainbow, you have been coming for a while now, so are you ready to make your Rainbow Promise?” they then say it and everyone claps while I pin their badge on while telling them that the badge reminds them to keep their Promise every day, not just at Rainbows.

We then finish with photos in front of the Rainbow arch.


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We stand in a horseshoe/rainbow shape with a gap in the middle for the ones being promised, new girls stand in front with me.

We sing 'we are rainbows' and on the line 'come along & join us' a rainbow 'collects' a new girl & skips with her to the gap' then returns to her place.

Everyone sings 'Big Black Clouds ...' as the new ones put down pictures of each item to make a picture on the floor.
We sing 'Look at the world around' and then all say the promise (with salute).

One at a time each 'new girl' walks to me, I shake left hand & welcome her to Rainbows - giving badge & certificate.
She then shakes hands with other leaders & has a dip in our pot of gold (a large plastic plant pot sprayed gold with a lid on)- getting a Rainbow notebook.

We then have photo time.

This happens about 15 mins before the end of the meeting & parents/family are invited.

Hope that makes sense - It sounds complicated - but isn't really!!!


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we do ours usually at start of meeting (so parents/grandparents stay back for a few minutes). We stand in a circle and have 2 girls hold up our rainbow archway (simple material one with 2 sticks), and other girls hold up a cloud and a sun and others various mascots/rainbow rabbits we have. Then leader/guide helper brings the new girl through the rainbow to make her promise.

think you'll find that there are so many variations on what units do, so I wouldn't worry what you choose, just go with something you are comfortable with. For example if you have no "props" could get 2 girls to make a rainbow archway with their hands? don't even need to have an archway...
Thanks for the ideas guys! I really like the idea of giving a certificate with their promise badge and having a pot of gold to dip in. Definitely food for thought...

Thanks guys.


Two of our Rainbows will be making their promises on 4th September at our meeting in Clitheroe - if you were free to come along, you'd be most welcome! PM me!


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We do something very similar to Panda - even pinched "big black clouds..." from her.
We once held Promises out in the playground on the "assault course" equipment.


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we got two red baloons (helium filed) on the first one we attached a little heart = love my god, the second one has small smile badge = be kind and helpful, inside each balloon we put a piece of paper with an appropraite challenge, then when they make there promise we then talk about itis not just about making tepromise on that night but also about keepin gthe promise forever so they have to try really hard to do things which kepe the promise, then wehn the baloon is deflated they will have had lots of practice so they will find t easyto complete the challenge inside the balloon