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Royal Ball - ideas?


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Next week at Rainbows we are holding a Royal Ball to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee.
We are working towards the Girlguiding Cymru Diamond Jubilee challenge for Rainbows so as part of the evening I thought we would fit in the following activities from it:

Game - The Queen's Keys
Hunt the Stolen Jewels (hunt jewel shapes and stick them on to a crown).

I am after ideas on how to make the evening very special and ball-like.

The girls are coming in "royal" dress and wearing crowns, so I thought I'd have classical music playing as they arrive and have Leaders hand round platters of strawberries (done too much junk food recently!).

Then call them into a circle one by one by welcoming "Princess .... of Spain" or whatever.

Now I'm stuck!

We will have some union jack bunting and flags up and will have talked about the Queen, decorated the crowns, sung Thorn Rosa and made origami corgis this week.


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Have them all curtseying to each other every time they speak, and use extra extra good manners
Make annoucements in the style of a town crier Oh YAY Oh YAY before everything, and then give instructions in olde speake

make a very simple royal family tree see
or play a snap type game with it

Have a go at marching like soldiers


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Get disposable champagne flutes/wine glasses from the supermarket and serve lemonade. Have an 'honours list' and give everyone a title e.g. "for service to making everybody laugh; for service in always being helpful to others; for being a lovely big sister; for being a kind friend to x;"


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You can also play Royal game from last Royal Badge e.g Sleep Beauty and Princess sleep on the floor cindella Get Princess Mop The floor Prince is come Get Rainbow petend ride Horse Queen is Coming get then custorys Dwaf( At song everbody know of work go)
You could make Princess place Mat. I am drawn Princess at movment give Rainbow Idea realy should doing Hovering at can wait.
Red carapet And Chose leader be Queen or Princess too.
Guest list And Princess list
You could make Tiria I should got some Tira and Toach for queen Jumbie Badge put ill So I let Parant down but Darcy my Dog was ill too. You could drawn dog Put Tira on the Dog Darcy(my dog act like Princess)
You make Princess Areil Minor
Princess Challege
All have stand at table before eat wait for leader sit down then may eat castle buffie.
You might find Rainbow might not want Be princess so make God mother or any other Fairys.
As for music Fluts or Voin but some unit might not be aford have at so might have play disney songs instead.
Princess are are kind and caring always do they best.
Sorry can't think of anythings eles.


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Snap - we are having our Royal ball this Friday. We have asked for each girl to provide something for our buffet table. THey are all coming dressed as princesses. We will play Hunt the Stolen Jewels and corners no doubt as the love corners!! We decorated biscuits to look like crowns last week (the ones from the last county craft day) - perhaps you could try these? View attachment 12390


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I'm going to have the princess ball not this week, but next week, seeing that our half term got moved back a week!!! So will 'borrow' the idea of the 'champagne', as I think the girls will really enjoy it. Also have a small 'buffet' where they can decorate a biscuit/cake (which they've also choosen). Chandra, I like your cake ideas so may look again at 'borrowing' that idea. Another idea that I like is calling everyone 'Princess....'.

I had an idea, as my Rainbows started making their papier mache Vases last week, they're finishing them off this week. I've made some spares (for new girls starting and also in case we need spares for whatever other reason). Any left over will get used as 3D bunting. I will decorate them either using paint/coloured paper as needed. Also will have a small 'disco' at the end, time allowing.