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Sack race - what sort of sacks??


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The girls asked to do a sports day type event, three legged race, egg and spoon, that type of thing. I'm drawing a blank on how to do a sack race, though, as all I can think of is black bin bags which surely won't work.
I'm going to ask the local school if we can use the playground if it's nice too, so I can't ask girls to bring along bags and shuffle!


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Um, you can get purpose made ones - we borrowed some from our local primary school once. Could you ask the school if they have any? Otherwise, before they bought the 'modern' ones, I think they used to use potato sacks?


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Do you actually need a sack race?

we did cotton wall ball and spoon relay race (they fall off ever so gently)
throwing the straw javelin
pringles lid discus
hat scarf and gloves race
horse raci relay- in teams then in twos, girl 1 has skipping rope around waist, girl 2 is jockey behind, and they run and jump over obstacles as available, then next pair take over. When everyone has had go at horse or jockey they swap and it goes again till all have had a go at being both

it took 20 minutes for them to decide team name and design a flag before we even started


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we bought some hessian grow your own sacks from B&Q worked really well and then we cut them up and used them for flaming pizzas!!!


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ask parents what they have? ... we have a sports kit that I think came from ELC and I think places like ToysrUs do similar ones - ours has sacks, spoons, eggs that break open if you drop them and have little bean bag eggs in them, and a few other bits :)
We got a couple of sports day kits from Tesco - on sale at the end of summer. They have egg & spoon, velcro for 3 legged, plus fabric sacks.
I'm wary of hessian as my daughter is allergic to it!


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Ours were in a sports day kit from Sainsbury's plastic eggs and spoons, sacks, velcro ties for 3 legged race, inflatable batons and a finish line. They have been used so many times and pack up really small.

Before that we did use pillow cases.


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I think I'm going to get the Tesco pack, thanks so much for the tip, I can do Click and Collect (when I've finished ranting to Tesco about not doing it at our local store, and the nearest one closing at 6 apparently. What kind of supermarket closes at 6?!)