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Scottish G2G 2

Cap'n Gaerlick

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I will be bringing one of hubby's empty wine bottles as I don't drink - honest!!!

Who is getting the 12.30 train from Edinburgh to Aberdeen??? Don't want to lose any of our fellow Guiders.


The Doctor (5000+ posts)
Mazi I am taking schloer too cos I dont drink!

Sly, Charmed and I will be on that train - we are getting the train across from Glasgow - just got to check what time that train is.


The Doctor (5000+ posts)
Me too! I have 2 bottle though cos they were on offer.

When I was at netherurd this weekend I met people who know scotch - but I couldnt get anything out of them about what was happening.


rainbow gic and guide al
i cant believe how many posted were done today

m bring my 2 neckers a laptop to do college work on the train
m camp blanket just needs to be glued together at the moment
will pack on thursday before work
might go buy big bottle of tesco's fanta
will need to find a bottle
can u pick up wheat free bread cause i dont have time to the shops at the moment (will give u the money dippy)
i cant get glasgow or lanarkshire west badges at the moment will take a note of ur address and post them out to you when i get some (dont ask)


rainbow gic and guide al
forgot is anyone driving on the sunday to aberdeen cause i cant afford the ticket from elgin to glasgow so going from aberdeen to glasgow need to be in aberdeen for 5.30 i think will double check


The Doctor (5000+ posts)
In charmed fashion.

I am not going to be getting home until about 9.30pm (and if I were to start cooking it would be stupidly late before I eat) so was wondering if when you were food shopping if you would be willing to pick me up some cold meat (ham or chicken) and some rolls - so that I can make some sandwiches to take home with me - I would bring stuff with me but i dont think it would keep - I will happy to pay you when I get there. Thanks :)


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it's wednesday!

Stuck in traffic on my way to work (don't worry, hubby is driving)

Never thought of food for the way back, guess I was thinking we'd be full up after all the yummy food we'll be eating!

Probably save some'munchies and get spmething at the station in Aberdeen


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2nd bit of reply!

I've got a Bite card which gets me a discount at most station eating aces in the uk.

Planning to raid M & S at Waverly on the way up tho. Chocolatey mini bites anyone?! hehe!


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Scotch and I will be picking ppl up from Elgin so don't worry!!
I'll PM you my mobile number. So just phone of test when you get to Elgin.

There will be tons of stuff to make sandwiches/rolls for your Journey back , so don't worry about that.

Of course we will get you the bread (making shopping list now) you DONT have to pay for it though 'cos you have already paid your money for the weekend!!

Everyone ....
Who needs my mobile number PM'd to them ?
Don't worry if you dont have bottles as I am getting a few extras!


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Oh my good grief - amount of posts!!!!

This is the list of everyone that will be going:

Miserybabe - think Saturday only though?
Starbright - possibly on the Saturday only too

Don't worry about taking any food with you - we have it covered!

I'm also not taking a full wine bottle, I get a headache just thinking about wine after last Saturday night!


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So far, this is what I've got of who is arriving when:

Train arriving in Elgin at 4.55pm:

Train arriving in Elgin at 7.44:

Bus arriving in Elgin about 7-8ish:

By car on Friday - not sure what time?

Arriving Saturday

If I'm wrong, please correct me, but for those coming by bus or train please ask dippy for her mobile number so when you do arrive we can come and collect you from Elgin.

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Phone of test?????? ROFL :D

Think that should be phone or text??
It was early!!!!!

Trying to get myself organised, pack stuff for my Daughters (they are going to my Mums to stay), get food ( actually a whole load of junk!!!!) bought for Hubby and Son,pack my own stuff, clean out car (unless no one minds sitting in about a foot of popcorn!!) Oh and I'm just off to get my hair cut!!!!

At least I managed to fill the car up with petrol....one less job to do!! LOL