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SG2G2 Excitement


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Thats awful, hope you get sorted soon.

I'm wearing my polo shirt and hoody, along with my Guiders necker, but you don't have to wear uniform if you don't want to. Just whatever you're comfy in.


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Glad you made it through your mad day Susi - better now?

I should really go and cook something for tea but it will be sods law if I make something and hubby will come home with something he cooked for me at work. :rolleyes:


Guide Guider
Tam now has trousers and a neckie! Hooray!!

Bringing a few badges to sew on my blanket, in the micro spaces I have left! hehe!

Time for a cup of tea.

see you all tomorrow!


Cap'n Gaerlick

Captain Gaerlick of 1st Gaerlick Guide
I have a strange feeling that something is happening today but can't think what ............................................. aye, right

SG2G2 here we come

hope Lossie is ready for the invasion!


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I am all packed and waiting for my taxi to take me the train station - over a mile with a heavy bag is too much for my poor ankle to handle walking if i want to be able to walk tomorrow.

You all soon.


IT'S TODAY !!!!!!!!!!!!


a totally spiffing greetings card.
I'm coming 2nite! Woohoo... see ya all later... about 8pm to be precise (leavin Aberdeen about 5.30 when my car gets home).