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SG2G2 Photo Gallery


a totally spiffing greetings card.
oh dear... that was not a well designed or constructed kite! lucky i'm not an engineer or anything that would make it embarrassing!


The Doctor (5000+ posts)
I have put up some of my pics on my facebook account - will finish tonight - mums lappy will only let me upload 5 at time for some reason!


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Love the piccie in the dark with the light shapes - what did you use to make the shapes? Looks like just the type of activity my Guides would love at our up and coming winter sleepover

Cap'n Gaerlick

Captain Gaerlick of 1st Gaerlick Guide
I'm so gutted that I had to miss out, it looks like you had a totally fantastic time, I love Duffus Castle we go there every Easter with the kids to roll their eggs ( mine are all teenagers now) but they still love going and complain if I don't take them !!
Now we just roll Cap'n Gaerlick!!!!!