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Idea! Snowman Soup


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I made this with my Rainbows on Friday. Couldn't find candy canes anywhere, so bought matchmakers & let the girls decorate them with sprinkles (like making edible sparklers) and then sprayed them with silver cake decorating spray. We used clear plastic piping bags to put them in, and added lots of edible glitter & sparkles to the mix as well. They looked really pretty.


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I did this with my guides on moday and they loved it. They were all away to make it for their friends Christmas presents. I had problems getting candy canes but ended up with 36 mini ones from poundland. I bet you I see lots of candy canes from now on. We also made the marshmallow teacups I found on here somewhere which went down well


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My Rainbows did this for our joint groups christmas sale. I bought hot chocolate in plastic cups from Wilkinsons, mini canes from poundland, and some snowman shaped marshmallows. I was able to find some lids to the cups (it came with 2 lids for 8 cups, but i had some spare, but putting another plastic cup ontop also worked.) and sealed it in small food bags. Managed to sell 22 for £1 each and a lot of them were used straight away as they went to the tea and coffee stand and paid 10p for some water!


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if you could get lovely polystrene cups, I reckon this would be a lovely fundraiser... polystrene cup with all the bits and pieces tied up with pretty ribbon and poem :) - love the idea of snowman marshmellows for the "soup" (saw bag of them in poundland...) could sell for £1.00-£1.50?