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Special needs games


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Hey all, I was wondering if any one had any Favourite games they play as a unit, which helps to include some one with a special needs (Things form a broken leg all the way to deafness or visual impairments.

The games could be anything such as a traditional game adapted.

As I Am hopefully making a resource of games and actives for special needs for part of my queen guide. And I may include you idea. Thanks

If you'd like me to acknowledge that it was your fantastic idea please give me a pm with what you would like it to say. (eg, name or group.)
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We have a girl with hearing impairment in our Brownies, so if we play a Tag style game, the person ‘on’ wears a hat (usually a Brownie cap, although it sometimes changes if there’s a theme like Christmas). It’s very difficult for her (and others!) to tell when someone has been tagged and the person ‘on’ changes, so that way she can easily see who it is.


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i|t very hard to find right games for some play special need games but try to nomal games with the Rainbow and Talk to rainbow if some Rainbow say Clever then you and Rainbow go To Brownie trese them saying " you not Brownie or tresue Rainbow for stay on Rainbow because special need" I just say we rainbow don't know" In fomour Rainbow I one Rainbow and One young leader say I was favourite Rainbow with special need because of learn diffucult.
Ask Rainbow and Young leader who said " my mum she brownie leader" So did rainbow chat and ask Rainbow what favourite games.
Isn't Rainbow guider having promble too.
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It really depends on the child and what her needs are.
think about the favourite games played at your unit, then work out how it could be different. could you sit down and play, could you hold up clue cards for instructions, or play it in silence, or left handed

if a girl is visually impaired, play a game that involves hearing or touch - feely bags or smelly bags then everyone can play
if it is a mobility issue, play a game that is sitting down, like legs, or telegrams, or ladders with mexican waves rather than running

If it is hearing issue I like the idea of the person who is 'it' wearing a hat - might pinch that idea myself
If it is an understanding issue, buddy the girl up with another girl, and let them play as a pair something like rabbits


Often the best way is to think about the games you use regularly, and how they can be adapted. Look at games books and websites - are there some which would be usable as they are, are there some which could be adapted.

We sometimes play 'chair basketball' - players are divided up into 2 teams (one wearing bibs and one not is easiest) - and each team nominates a goalkeeper. They are placed at opposite ends of the playing area, and they each stand on their chair. The other players have a few minutes to arrange their chairs, once play starts they cannot move their chairs until 'half-time'. The leader bounces the ball in the middle, players try to catch the ball and pass it between the players of their team to their own goalkeeper - if she catches the ball they get a point. But - in-court players have to stay sitting, and have to stretch from their chair.

Another game is 'sitting volleyball' which is played with balloons. The two teams sit in rows, facing each other, and around 1 metre apart. Starting with 1 balloon, this is thrown into the middle and players aim to bat the ball so it lands on the floor behind the opposing team - they score a point for doing so. Once the game is started, and depending on the numbers, you can add in a second balloon, perhaps more.