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Idea! Star Wars Themed Camp


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So our Guides have decided they want our Spring Camp to be Star Wars themed. We have a few ideas but has anyone done any activities that they could suggest for it?

There is a good amount of grassy area, woodland, mess tent with tables and benches on the site but will only be about 7 girls.



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This is a brilliant theme!

When I was a kid, we made our own lightsabers by tightly rolling newspaper, painting the 'lightsaber' part of it one colour, and the handle silver. You could then play a game like having two goals and having to bat a ball between the other team's goalpost with the lightsabers.

If anyone has a huge crate of lego, you could have a 'build me a death star/yoda/etc' challenge.


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You could do star gazing to identify the planets/stars. Get them to identify one as the Death Star.


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They could use junk modelling to make their own droids! I am imagining a BB-8 made out of polysterene balls!

Plan a wide game/treasure where they have to rescue Princess Leia! Watch out for the stormtroopers (aka leaders!)