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Idea! Thinking Day Swaps?


Guide Guider / GiC
I've only recently discovered american Girl Scout 'Swaps' I guess via Pintrest. (I'm prob. a bit slow!)
But the massive variety and how clever some of them are really interested me.

If you've no idea what I'm talking about either google 'Girl Scout Swaps' or look on Pintrest

Swaps Ideas.jpg

What I like is that they are home made, very very inventive and there is endless variety.

Like many people on here I have a camp blanket and it has been about a bit and is very full and pretty impressive I try to only put badges on my blanket that mean something: a place I went, a challenge I completed, a camp or event I took part in, a badge I swapped or was given by a particular person etc BUT I've got a bit of 'badge overload' and have a big big bag of badges still to sew on (if there is space!)

There are now SO MANY badges around and I'm getting a bit cynical All these badge embroidering companies really are making PLENTY of money out of us!! and I'm not loving the recent obsession in guiding with 'brand guidelines' and 'corporate identity' and merchandising.

I often make cloth badges for my Guides using white ribbon and t-shirt transfer paper which is really cheap and easy to do, and you can just make as many as you need and can easily personalise them.

BUT the thing about Swaps is they are something that the girls can make for themselves, be creative and inventive, use whatever you can get your hands on – and isn't it often the case that the things that we make ourselves we value more.

The USA Girl Scout website has a page about swaps with guidelines – like 'make sure it's something you would like to receive' and 'you should never refuse to swap!' and 'don't spend a lot of money' 'have enough swaps...'

So I'm thinking about Swaps for Thinking Day....... Maybe my Guides / Patrols will just swap amongs themselves and learn about what Girl Scouts in the USA do, or maybe units could exchange a swap (I might be likely to regret writing this!!!)

(Guide Guiders - Maybe there is a GFI idea in doing this, for the Spring term)


Brownie Leader
My Brownies are linked up with a unit in Melbourne and exchange xmas and T Day swaps that they all make .. really great thing to do, doesn't cost much (apart from postage) and really makes them see Girlguiding as such a wider bigger movement. :)

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