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Idea! thinking day


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ideas required please, we are having our thinking day celebrations on sunday. There will be Guides, Brownies and Rainbows there max 120 girls although Idon't expect them all to turn up. We are doing a Guides own first, thinking about guides across the world...... Then we have some fun and games We've decided to do looking at the past theme. The girls want to play some traditional games, skipping, elastics, balls on the wall, kims game, magic carpet game, pass the parcel, hopscotch etc have all been suggested. which are all possible in stations. However I'm trying to think of away of pulling them all together. something like the starquest when you collect stars at each station. Does anyone have any ideas???


Could you create 'passports' which list all the activities and have boxes which the girls get marked at each activity they do (could be a rubber stamp, or a Leader initialling) to show they've tried the activity and done their best at it? That would encourage the girls to have a go at each of the activity. You could even opt to have a small prize for everyone who manages to get all the boxes completed . . .