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Question? tights

ok an odd one but i am sure you lovely ladies can come up with some fab ideas.
we were donated a load of tights and pop socks which we used tonight to make grass heads but i have loads left over and don't know what else to do with them any ideas greatfully reseaved,
thank you.


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stuff ends with scrunched up newspaper and throw them in the park to see who can get theirs to go furthest (like hammer)

or make your own PUTERs need widest straw you can find (mcdonalds kind of size) and cut in half and snip up the edge of one of one half of the straw which will be the "top" one - then put square of tights over bottom bit of straw and poke in the slitted cut end of the top bit of straw so that the tights separate the top and bottom halves

then girls can suck up very tiny insects and they will not get past the tights


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they also make a nice frame over a bent piece of wire (or old wire coathanger) for your own paper making

or if you make felt animals or toys, could use them cut up as stuffing


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If they are nice coloured tights you can make butterfly wing and petal shaps out of thick wire, then cover wire shape with tights and join wings/petals together and add body and antenna for butterflys, and coloured centre for flowers


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stuff a tennis ball down a leg need one for each leg and swing them around erm.... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Poi_(performance_art)
looks like fun but i think i'll use newpaper balls and not tennis ones as the girls are good at letting go of things,
tennis balls in old pair of tights! that brings back memories of one of my favourite playground games at school! we used to stand up against a wall bash the ball between our legs, over our shoulders etc etc was good fun


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Cheeky I know, but we're doing grass heads at camp next week. How many heads can you get out of one pair ?


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4 (2 per leg) unless you have major holes/ladders you want to avoid

for the parts of the leg without a "toe" just tie knot in end and turn inside out (so knot is hidden inside)


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Your own fairy wings!! Take 2 wire hangers and make them straight, shape them to make a wing, cut the tights in half and pull one leg over each wing, tie in the middle and decorate! then get some ribbon, tie it around the middle and then off to make the arms.
some fantastic idea's, yes you can get 4 grass heads out of the tights but we used the pop sock's as grannies had these in abundance. so there were lots and lots of them. someone surgested and elastic band for a nose and that worked great, the girls were all really excited about them growing.

i love the fairy wings idea, might have to use that one think the girls will love their own wings.


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re fairy wings...

lots of cheap gardening wire in shops at moment (saw some earlier in wilkinsons) so could shape wire and stretch over the tights? loop round "2 loops" of strong elastic and girls can slip their arms through elastic to wear them?

could even decorate with glitter/felt stars and pva glue or fabric pens (lay on top of newspaper though as pens will go through to tabletop otherwise) Works quite well for mushed up paper, have done it with my own kids and added coloured tissue paper, dried petals, glitter etc and made some lovely pieces of "paper" which we've used as a centre piece for homemade card

could also use gardening wire as basis of paper making frame too (as hard to come by wire coat hangers now)


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We use flesh coloured tights to makes haggis for St Andrews day or Burns Night.
Basically cut a length of the tight, stuff with wadding, secure the ends with elastic bands leaving a little end bit. We tie tartan ribbons over the elastic bands to make them look pretty. Then draw a face on the haggis or use goggly eyes.