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understanding the Promise


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In module 2, one of the first things is to "discuss your understanding of the Promise with an adult member of your choice".

What do they mean by this? What level of knowledge/understanding/deep introspective thought are you meant to show?

My mentor asked me specifically about the God part, and we discussed it for quite a while - but apparently that doesn't count. Why??

What have other people done for theirs?


ooooh Im now Brownies GiC!!
i just explained to my mentor why i thought the promise was a good thing and that to me it meant more about belongin to an organisation than the actual wordin and i was plannin on doin it at the same time as a few of our brownies so that we could all do it together.
also discussed the 'god' part but as thats personal im not gona go into it.

Rugby Widow

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Tiffany - if you have had a discussion, that's all you need to do. I have no idea why your mentor does not consider that enough.

Is there another warranted adult you can have a chat with about the promise and get them to sign it off? It does not have to be your mentor. How you interpret the Promise is unique to you and there is no wrong or right, just confidence that you have given it serious thought. That is why all it needs to cover this clause is a friendly chat - to check you have really considered what you are promising and not just saying the words like a Brownie might do.

I am very worried by the style of mentoring you are receiving.

Your mentor should be there to support and encourage - not make things harder than they really are. In the words of our County leadership co-ordinator "people should not be expected to jump through hoops!"


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Well said Rugby widow,
Sorry your having a hard time, sounds like you have done enough, its awful we dont judge the girls on what promies means to them, neither should you have to, it means so many things to different people. Even this could be considered a chat about the promise!


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Although I finished mine ages ago!! to cover this I think I said something along the lines of the fact we attended family services each month?? it seems a shame you are not getting the support you need for this but like they say would be good to get someone else to sign it off!!

Julie x


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Thanks, folks. I'm angling to get a friend to sign it off - she's warranted with another unit, and we did discuss it a long time ago.

Rugbywidow - thankyou for caring, but don't worry about it! I think my mentor wants to be sure that I'm doing everything thoroughly and properly - she won't sign things off til she's certain, which is fair enough. She doesn't know me at all - I've only met her twice, once in about March when she did my CRB etc, and once last week, because I hadn't managed to get her to answer my emails etc until then! So she wants to get to know me and to be sure I'm warrant-worthy, I guess.

I'd rather that way round than just mindlessly signing everything off without considering whether I deserved it, to be honest - if I get the LQ, it has to mean something.