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What are we going to eat at the Scottish G2G2!!!!


The Doctor (5000+ posts)
Oh if you are planning to serve beans then you will need to check the ingredients unless you want me just to bring up my own tin which I dont mind doing!

Cap'n Gaerlick

Captain Gaerlick of 1st Gaerlick Guide
I have been known to eat beans and black pudding in the past but I am cutting down now as I am on a "healthy eating course" I don't do diets. Diet is a four letter word!! The healthy eating course is working and have lost 18lbs so far. Still quite a bit to go so keeping my fingers crossed and hopefully when I order my hoody I can order a smaller size!!!!!


Veteran (100+ posts)
Well done Sly. Thats a lot! :)

I've currently given up on all healthy eating. If I'm not in the mood then I just can't do it. I don't seem to be putting on any weight so I'm not bothering at the mo.

Sorry this is entirely the wrong message to put out - healthy eating is better for you!!