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Question? What else to do with nail varnish (other than paint nails!)


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We did nail marbling at Inspire a few weeks ago! Does take some practice and certain nail varnishes work better than others but its really effective when it works! We're going to try it with our Brownies in a few weeks for a pamper evening


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I've seen necklaces on Pinterest that are metal washers decorated with nail varnish then strung on black cord. They looked simple but effective. I'll try and find a link.


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Upcycled beads, you cut a tapered strip of paper (about A4 length) roll very tightly around a cocktail stick, glue the end and paint with nail varnish. When it has dried you have created fab beads!


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we've done at home before for easter - egg rolling

so decorating the hard boiled eggs before we egg roll with nail varnish :D

my eldest dd is doing textiles and she's been reading up about various artists, and there is one textile artist that makes her own beads and then sews them into her work - and some of her beads are made from paper/glue rolled into bead and then nail varnished :D