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What's warm for Unit Helpers?


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they could easily produce a unisex fleece or hoody
there is one. there is a members fleece, it is all one shade of blue, the sort of colour the body of the members polo.

edit to add; cant find it on guiding essentials so it must be quite new - however i got one for my UH


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My mum would appreciate one of these, she's a UH and she's been cold and feels neglected for not having a uniform jumper or anything when she was helping with Rainbows...

I will keepy my eyes on this thread i think


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When I was at the shop in Notts, they had a MEMBERS FLEESE and a trefoil gilet. I was tempted to get the Members fleese as a alternative to my dark blue fleese for work. As my dark Blue guiding fleese is starting to look abit old as it is my everyday coat and gets washed once a month due to the dribble in my job (not from me).

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Is this still available for UHs??
The only thing for unit helper non-members is the raspberry badge tab!

But for unit helper members there is the polo and the light blue member fleece.

Some of our non-member unit helpers wear the GGUK girls in the lead T-shirt so they look part of the organisation.


difference is cost of census and possibility of guiding mag if youb want it and not being registerd as a member and costing nothing