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Who's coming to G2G3...


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Hi folks.

I have recieved deposits or the full amount from most of you now. Below is a full list of attendees at the moment.
If we can start to have the remaining money, up to the full amount of £35 from those of you who have not paid me as yet. Payment required by Saturday March 14th please! Any problems with this, please PM me and let me know, rather than just not sending it!! (If you are using paypal, please can you choose the option 'Personal Payment' as the type of payment when you send it, as this makes it a free transaction for you and us. Thanks!!)

Foxy77-------------- Paid in full
*alli*---------------- Paid in full
Smudge--------------Paid in full
Jim-------------------Paid in full
brown.owl------------Paid in full
mazi159--------------Paid in full
Gaelic-girl------------Paid in full
Smartie--------------Paid in full
Susiwaa -------------Paid in full
Lynz-----------------Paid in full
Effy Bat--------------Paid in full
Cheerfulfairy----------Paid in full
sparklyguider----------Paid in full
Tawny75--------------Paid in full
Compoguide26---------Paid in full
Hilzo42----------------Paid in full
Purpleellen1976--------Paid £15
Swallowtail------------Paid in full
Kitty's_Butterfly-------Paid in full
HanSeeingRed---------Paid in full
er776-----------------Paid in full
Katie_beverley--------Paid in full
Lotty-----------------Paid in full
Brown----------------Paid in full
Goldilocks-------------Paid in full
HollyBlue--------------Paid in full
jennthefunkyranger----Paid in full
Katz------------------Paid in full
Claratrix---------------Paid in full

plus Gadget, Dollypip and Sliceofrice and I of course!! :D

If anyone thinks they have paid me and it doesn't say so, do let me know!!!!
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Dawny, I've not got a thing next to my name saying "paid in full.
Is that cos it's at the bottom of the list or cos you haven't got my cheque (sent before xmas with your xmas card)?


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Is this your way of naming and shaming those of us who haven't quite got round to sending you a deposit yet Dawny? :blush:


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I have sent mine in the post yesterday should be with you shortly, athough its only the deposit has I haven't been paid yet.