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Wide Game - Carnival theme

I am doing my holiday licence in a few weeks and really need a wide game, we are going to be in the middle of a country park so we have loads of space but I am really struggling to come up with a good game for outside - can anyone help?:)


If you have enough staff, you could have the groups rotating around different activities:

Dancing Horses - the dancing horses are at risk of getting loose - using the diagram, learn how to tie a clove hitch to tie them to the fence
Merry Go Round - the merry go round is broken, so we need a replacement (group gather in a circle, prancing round whilst humming a tune such as frere jacques while holding nose)
Coconut shy - use the bean bags to knock the ball off the box
Tightrope Walker - balance walk along the length of the rope laid on the ground, whilst balancing a book on your head
Juggler - in pairs, throw and catch a ball 10 times using the left hand, and 10 times using the right hand