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Wide Game / Challenge / Quest in a Theme Park


just fuzz =D
Next week we are taking a small group of Guides to camp at Woodlands, which is a leisure / theme park with rides and attractions.

We're there for three days, and I'm sure the Guides will be more than happy to simply have the run of the place. I'd like, however, to set them some sort of challenge to do on one of the days. I don't want it to detract from running around like loons, rather to make it even more fun.

Living where we are, we get overrun with foreign language students every summer, and I've often seen them having to complete wacky 'scavenger hunts' of sorts but with items to bring back including 'a local person' etc. I'd like to set something like that, for the two / three patrols to compete against each other.

Any ideas greatfully appreciated, as ever! Thanks =]


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Some kind of photo challenge?
Give them various things.....
I don't know the names if rides but team members acting the ame out under the sign/ride (so say the name was sonething to do with fish their best fish impression)
All jumping
Imitating a group of others without them noticing
Is there animals? Maybe with an animal or imitating one?
An action shot on be of the rides?
Of one of the leaders without tem noticing


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I like the scavenger hunt idea. I think you should set them a bunch of challenges over the weekend, which are worth points. There could be easy ones, like take a picture next to a particular ride in the park which would be worth small amounts of points, and then you could have ones like 'bring back a local' which could be worth more, maybe?