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Wild West Wide Game bases - HELP!


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I'm off to District camp soon. It has a Wild West theme and each unit has to think of a base for the Wide Game.
I'm totally stuck! Can anybody suggest anything? It has to be suitable for Rainbows, Brownies and Guides.

Many thanks in advance!


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Create a junk model horse as a team?

Create a totem pole...each member decorates a tube then stick them together

Lassoing? Use bottles or wooden posts? Different standing points for r/b/g/ss

Rescue the sherif....compete challenges to rescue them.....10 star jumps, bring me a watch, etc etc


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panning for 'gold' (yellow stones from the garden centre in the lake)
making a brand by hammering nails into leather


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make a wigwam out of 3 bbq sticks and some paper

feather headdress

bead necklace

35 years ago we made axes with sticks and thick cardboard blades, lashed the axehaed onto the stick with rope and tied knots, not sure I would do it today