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Information: World Scout Jamboree:Sweden:2011


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I've heard rumours that the next scout jamboree isn't allowing Guiding and WAGGGS members to the jamboree... THIS IS RUBBISH!!!

I've spoken to one of the guiding reps on the contingent support team (CST)and she said we are more than welcome. So sign up for information. The international service team (IST) sign up/pay up should be out soon but the details will be on the emails.

For more information on this amazing opportunity go to What's new?

the theme of the jamboree is 'simply scouting'. they are going back to the basics of camping. the Swedes are very good at their camping skills, making our camps look really ponsy. You'll be guaranteed new skills on your belt and its always a great chance to renew your enthusiam, meet new people, swop badges and learn lots of new things. I've been on 3 jamborees now and the atmosphere is fantastic. its a village of people who live happily and harmonously together. its what you'd like the rest of the world to be like. making them hard to leave!



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The 'green grassy field outside Kristianstaad' is great too, a lovely venue a short drive from the Baltic. We stayed there in 2007 and it was FANTASTIC.


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I really want to go.

I went to the last one and it was amazing! :)

Can't decide whether to go as a scout or guide though


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Me too! I was IST at the camp on the site in 2007 and it was the most amazing thing I've ever done. And people to go with is always good.
Me too! And I would second going with people, as I was on my own, and although you meet loads of people, it's nice to have a group of people you know to hang around with/

I was on IST at the Essex jambo in 2004, and our team camped and ate as a group. Most of our team were older Guiders and Scouters, but there was a small group of us who were all age 16-26, so we natually bonded and stuck together.


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Hmmm... it's about the only place in Sweden I don't like, simply cos I got lost there once a number of years ago and had a fairly scary couple of hours... If only I did camping I might consider it!


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Hmmm... it's about the only place in Sweden I don't like, simply cos I got lost there once a number of years ago and had a fairly scary couple of hours... If only I did camping I might consider it!
I'm planning on going, especially as I didn't actually get to the Jamboree in this country 2 years ago! And RainbowC, I have been to this site before (2001) so I have a vague idea of how to get there - and two years is plenty of time to learn to cope sleeping in a tent.

Seriously, RainbowC, you'd be welcome to come along with me - think about it.


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if i had a job and could pay for everything like this myself i would be the one sending my application at 10am on the dot... even if i was at college or somewhere!!!!
ARGH!! not fairness!


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you dont need to have a job!!

the trick is to fundraise!!

the jamboree costs are based on the countries wealth, not the individuals. so for example America and Britain are 'considered' to be wealthy therefore they pay top wack. poorer countries like the African countries are paying lower. this is because £1000 is a lot to us, where as £100 is a lot to some of the African countries. Its all relative. We help to pay for others to come to make it more of an international experience. and usually they are incredibly international, with almost all the scouting countries represented by at least 1 person.

the £1300 will be split down. the flights wont be cheap airlines because they'll probably put lots of us on 1 flight, thus making the tickets slightly cheaper for us but we do take over the airports! there will be neckers EVERYWHERE! there will also be food, 3 meals a day for however long- hopefully nicer than the WSJ 2007. there will be uniform costs. we will all have branded kit; uniform, tshirt, maybe kit bags, badges, neckers and probably tents too- this doesnt come cheap. theres the subsiding for the other countries. then theres all the stuff we'll have on site. toilets, large tents, massive opening and closing ceremonies, transport, activities, evening entertainment etc etc.

i'm not sure about home hospitality for IST at this jamboree. You usually have a few days to stay with a family of a scout who was on the jamboree. the countries I've heard doing HoHo are Sweden, Denmark, Norway. Theres the arranging of transport and maybe different flights for this.

I went to the thailand jamboree and raised £2500 to go. The trick is- fundraising. There should be details of county international service teams coming out around the time of the opening. These teams then go together on flights, can fundraise together and could sleep in the same area. its an instant friendship for people who might be travelling alone. unfortunaly Leicestershire didn't have an IST contingent for WSJ2007 or I didn't hear about it!! most of the other counties seemed to. Cheshire's was huge!

You'll need to start fundraising early as people are struggling financially these days. Try to get corporate sponsorship as any PR is good for companies these days. Ask them to donate a prize to a big raffle you are holding. we've had people bidding on things from joint of pork to a bunch of flowers to tickets to the panto. more companies the better and the more publicing you can do the better!!

apply to your district, division, county too, region perhaps! I got great financial support to go to Thailand through Guiding and Scouting.

there are more fundraising ideas on the forum.

at the end of the day, you'll have fun and probably stressful times getting the money together but it'll be one of the best times you spend £1300! It wont be required in one lump sum and they sometimes give you your own account to top up to get to the full amount. they might set deadlines for amounts but they shouldnt ask for the full amount straight the way!

lycka till!! (Good luck!!):thumbsup:
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I fund raised for the last Jamboree £1000 and did that easily, but i'm fund raising for nmext years camp too (Even tho it's only £160 I havent got that amount to spare)

I'm a fundraising champion- raising over £400 at one coffee morning!


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Erk, that's going to be fun to pay for that, I've got all the centenary stuff to do first.... Ah well, two years of fundraising won't do me any harm.