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Yet another Diamond Jubliee Challenge Badge

Foxy Lady

Beginner (10+ posts)
Hi Folks,

My small senior section have worked very hard on creating a challenge badge and hope you might like to look at it.

It is detailed on our web site http://wythallrangers.org.uk

It is based round the decades theme.

Any feed back or comments would be appricated as it is our first attempt at this sort of thing.



Veteran (100+ posts)
Just had a look and it's a bit of a dig to find. You need to go into Badges, and then the bottom sentence has a link xx


Darth Vader (12,500+ posts)
Would it be helpful to add the challenge to the "Challenges Section" on this site?

And are you doing badges by paypal for collectors?

Foxy Lady

Beginner (10+ posts)
Thanks for your feedback really appricate it - as web site is really new as well. We hadn't really thought about paypal as it is our first badge but may think about for the future. Our cahllenege is off our home page, but you do have to scroll down past the main part, but will think about a rearrangement. Once again thank you for your feed back.

Cloudy Owl

Brownie Guider
I love it!

We had a planning meeting in half term, and decided that we'd celebrate the Jubilee by doing activities from the decades of the Queen's reign - and you've saved me hours in planning and prepping! I love the badge too, so I've sent the link to my fellow Brownie Guider and fingers crossed she agrees with me as I'd love to do the challenge and help support your girls too!

Foxy Lady

Beginner (10+ posts)
I am really excited we have had our 1st 2 orders though - sorry about this but as I have mentioned it is our first attempt at this sort of thing so we are getting excited about.