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  1. EmGuides&Rangers
    Adult leader for Guides and Rangers every Wednesday, joined rainbows 16 years ago and never left.
  2. Snowyowl72
    Hello I'm New
  3. Snowyowl72
    Hello, I'm doing a pack holiday in June and hopefully the weather will be nice.
  4. Jude_Daffodil
    Jude_Daffodil browniebeth
    Guiders uk has automatically renewed my membership without asking. Please can you cancel my membership and refund me the £7.50 taken from my Paypal account. I don't use the website so hadn't intended to renew when membership expired. Thank you.
    1. browniebeth
      Hello you need to raise a case with PayPal and/or contact the site administrator Raaowdot. Afraid I have nothing to do with the Guiderplus membership.
      Nov 27, 2017
  5. puffin-lizard
    I am a Guide Guider, work full time and somehow managed to gain DC and Joint Guide Advisor Roles! Frantic but Love it!
  6. Kochanski
    Kochanski Trinny
    Hi, not sure this is how to contact you so apologies if this ends up in the wrong place ... Just wondered where you are as you said you needed someone else to help on a sleepover.
    1. Trinny
      Hi Kochanski, I'm based in Surrey. Thank you so much for offering to help, it is lovely to have a support network of guiders online! I've actually had my REN refused as apparently it clashes with a Division event yet to be announced, and they want girls to go to that (!!!). So annoyingly, I'm holding off for now, but hoping to do something in May half term (fingers crossed!).
      Oct 31, 2017
  7. jaymsea
    H, if anyone is interestedi I have 13 pirate challenge badges left over am willing to sell them for £10 plus postage
  8. GeorgiaMarie
    Young leader with Rainbows and Brownies, and am currently a ranger
  9. Missy
    Golden Bee at 1st Monks Risborough Rainbows
  10. Chloe Stanley
    Chloe Stanley
    Does anyone know where the new join us is on the new guiiding website as i cant find it?
    1. Quack
      It's on the top header alongside search ..
      Sep 4, 2017
  11. NosilaC
    NosilaC Oltonsnowy
    Hi, does your name Oltonsnowy mean that you're a Brownie leader in Olton near Solihull? My mum lives in Olton, though I went to Brownies in Acocks Green as that's where we went to church. Of course, I've no idea how many Olton's there are, so you could well be in some completely different part of the country!
  12. Liane Rose
    Liane Rose julieforrest
    Hello....we are having a Roald Dahl camp theme this year. Are your challenge badges still available and if so please can I order some..possibly 35. Please advise how to pay etc.
    1. julieforrest
      Hi Liane, Yes I have badges available. Please send a cheque made payable to 1st Tinto & Medwyn Guides, to 8 Balmoral Crescent, Westend, Carnwath, Lanarkshire, Scotland, ML11 8RX. Thanks for your interest. Julie
      Jul 27, 2017
  13. citaborca
    citaborca Epona
    Hi would you be able to send me a copy of the ceremonial occasions please. E*****@gmail.com
    1. Epona
      I can but are you sure that's the right address? Has the forum software blocked something out?
      Jun 11, 2017
  14. Quack
    Quack Little Mo
    45p both ways...
  15. Little Mo
    Little Mo
    Hi ..does anyone know if the 45p per mile petrol expense claims is for one way or return? Thanks
  16. linaheather2002@yahoo.co.
    Guide Leader, Brownie Leader, Rainbow Leader
  17. Robbie Hill
    Robbie Hill
    Ideas for Unit meetings around World Guiding?? Russia Challenge document, with a badge to earn. Contact me for details.
  18. becciDiff
    becciDiff rhi-tee
    Hi, I am planning on doing the neigh challenge next term and was wondering if you have 15 badges available.
    1. rhi-tee
      Hi Rebecca
      yes we have lots of neigh badges in stock


      Apr 4, 2017
  19. Beckie
    Beckie dinoprincesschar
    Hi, do you happen to have 1 unicorn challenge badge left please? If so, how do I sort payment, etc.? Many thanks, Bex ☺
  20. bess342
    bess342 piggywig
    Have you any badges left?