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    Retro Guiding

    Hi to everybody. I have my 50th birthday next week, and being a 1966 baby, I thought we would have a meeting run as if we were in the 1960s, with company captain etc. The person I had lined up to do this has let me down, and I find that I am now planning and doing it myself. I can do most of it...
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    Question? Help!!! How do you encourage a UH to be more helpful?

    To be honest, it sounds like a case of burnout, as MsLaurie suggests. As a unit helper for over 10 years with a guide unit, I recently found it more and more diffuicult to get motivated, and planning anything was a chore, rather than the joy it used to be. All of our older girls have left in the...
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    Movie Challenge

    I remember seeing somewhere a Senior Section Movie Challenge (about 2014, I think?) Does anyone know of this, or have a link or copy?
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    Accounts and cheques clearing

    Not sure if people are aware, but Banks have no policy that states cheques are out of date after 6 months- some do not accept them when paid in, others do. If you have an uncashed cheque after 6 months old, inform the bank that you would like it stopped. If the cheque is lost, then they should...
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    Mentoring ALQ

    Thanks to everyone who has contributed to this- most of what I do comes under "unofficial" - mentoring, planning, running, (and even fund raising at one point) but to be honest, if I didn't at least one unit would be closed by now, and GG would be three leaders less!! As for the promise, I...
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    Mentoring ALQ

    Apologies for the spelling-phone keyboard is not ideal for this. As I advised, this qas from County mentoring co-ordinator, but not sure if this is CHQ or not, but fruitless to argue. Just a shame that they take this outdated attitude
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    Mentoring ALQ

    This came to me via division mentor co-ordinator, but decision made by County co-ordinator. To bw honestly, as a nale volunteer, I expected nothing else from GG.
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    Mentoring ALQ

    Finally got the answer through from County- I cannot be a mentor, due to gender, not qualification- no male mentors allowed. If I am honest, it is probably what I was expecting. C'est la vie!!
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    Meetings- how often

    I read with interest through the senior section forum, and have found that some meet weekly, and some fortnightly, so I was wondering whether fortnightly works better, so I thought a quick poll, of how often senior section or ranger units meet, and how much subs they pay for this. We currently...
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    To put people in the picture, I am a unit helper, with eight tattoos, 4 visible on both arms if I wear the member wear (polo shirt). My leader has 12, only three are visibl though - a butterfly, a vine with names intertwined, and a dreamcatcher.
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    Our leaders and adult helpers were having a discussion tonight about tattoos, and the question was never resolved, so I thought I would ask you lovely people out there to assist. Is there anything in the policies and rules regarding leaders and/or adult helpers having tattoos? Tonight we...
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    Feeling like jacking it in tonight :(

    I am getting the same thing from our Senior Section unit. Like most, we are only small - 9 girls. Tonight, we had 2 turn up, one my daughter. We start at 7, but they for the most part come in between 5 and 10 past. Our leader has emailed them repeatedly, asking them to be on time, and to notify...
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    Hiya, Saw your post from January about planning GFIs, and wondered how your first term...

    Hiya, Saw your post from January about planning GFIs, and wondered how your first term planned by yourself went?
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    Mini-revue type show

    I have done a few of these now, and I found a management group easier than doing this solo. As well as the points already made, you need to look at box office, and how it is handled- whether to have one central box office, on a first come first served basis, as you have a limited number of...
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    Mentoring ALQ

    Although I have the experience, with the areas that I have been asked to coach in, I have also planned meetings, and always attend and am integrally involved in the planning sessions for both units that I assist with. I think the major sticking point is whether people are comfortable with a male...