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  • Hi I was just wondering if it is still possible to get hold of the make a wish cloth badges as it looks like a challenge my girls would be really interested in Thanks
    Do I know you? With you saying you could vouch that the Leicestershire centenary launch will be good I wonder if we've met at meetings.
    our brownies will be working for the Wish challenge after christmas and need to buy badges but have forgot where you said to norder them from.
    Diana Squirrel4BB
    lmao baggie! I've just taken a print screen because every new post is done by you :p made ma laugh. :)

    I think it is ok for me to share this but just in case thought I would send this off list, hope thats ok. I might well be noticed if I put it on for all to see but if you want to and not say where it has come from then thats fine by me!!

    Hope it helps.


    Adventure 100

    Adventure 100 is an activity challenge for all sections, designed to encourage units to look further than they normally would. Ten adventure themes are under development;
    members will aim to complete one activity from each theme in order to gain the Adventure 100 badge.

    Adventure 100 will:
    be an opportunity for every member of Girlguiding UK to take part in the Centenary celebrations.
    enable girls to choose which adventurous activities they would like to try.
    encourage participation in other Centenary events - national and local.
    enhance the programme during 2010 and beyond
    be easy for units to organise.

    There will be more information about Adventure 100 in a special centenary souvenir booklet given to every member to keep as a momento of our celebrations.
    hi- i would be happy with a standard.
    my address- Maria Deakin, 41 Harlech Close, Kitwell, Birmingham,B32 4JR. Please send an sae so i can send you the 90th bday patch! thamks
    Hi- i noticed you are after the 90th bday patch, i have one i can send/swap if you still need one.

    I have about 8 phones and apparantly more on the way. Shall we say my unit is somewhat enthusiastic with this challenge. Bearing in mind they have just done fundraising for the unit and raised over £800 you would think they were fed up with it.
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