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  • Hello - I was looking at your midnight feast thread for your PH, and thought about suggesting this for our first night as I know they won't sleep!
    Do you do it at midnight or earlier? What did you buy in the end? Have you been yet and how did it go? We're taking 2 brownie units so we're going to have 6 rooms of 4 girls - 2 from each unit , so I thought the best way to do it would be 'sneaking' food to the rooms as this might help them to get to interact more
    ive just been on your guides website & would like to purchase 4 of the "i love brownies" badges at £1 each, not sure how to order from your website so thought this was easier

    Can I oreder some of our badges on your website please!!

    I thought I already tped it and sent it but I got sibgned out ;(

    Which is easier thru here or direct from website??

    I would love one of the Gloucestershire badges, could I also have a I made it happen and a guides centenary 100 badge that are on your guides website please
    re: nice centenary badges!!

    miss lowcock is the booking secretary for Wynches holiday house so she may be able to tell you where to get these badges
    she can be quite hard to get hold of though!
    did you get my request via your website for one each of the region standards (less anglian one as I have that one already)? do you want me to send £10 chq or paypal?

    ps> any strange parcels arrived yet
    Hehe well not my guides, I didn't take any to WINGS, I was there as archery staff! But I think we still had one of Lisa's in tow at that point :)
    Hello, am I right in thinking you're one of the people Smiley and I found and said hello to on a very soggy evening at WINGS?
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