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    Hello and welcome :) You will find lots of ideas on here
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    Hello and welcome :) I think you will find we are a friendly group.
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    Help Needed with Filler Activities....

    We did a term where the girls had to solve a code before being allowed in the main hall. Some simple like shifting the first letter to the end (hiftings het irstf etterl) or writing the message backwards,( sdrawkcab egassem) some letter or number transpositions. The girls enjoyed them and...
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    Weekly Discussion: It's time to fly over the rainbow....

    Our Brownies usually write goodbye notes to the girl or girls leaving. They go in specially decorated envelopes and are presented at the end of the meeting with the Brownies was an adventure badge.
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    I'm a ... guider part 60

    Very well done!!:) Now you can look forward to all sorts of extra adventures with the girls
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    Weekly Discussion: It is better to do good than be good.....a campaign to end campaigns

    I sometimes think that the whole campaigning idea is a bit of a way to avoid actual involvement. We might write to our MP about the problems of the lonely elderly in the community, but never think to ask the girls to contribute one flower each to a bouquet and take it to the old lady who lives...
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    Hello :)

    Hello and welcome, you will certainly find lots of ideas here and if you need something special just ask. Someone usually can come up with the answer. :)
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    New today

    Hello and welcome :)
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    Hello everyone

    Welcome :) This is a really good place for ideas
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    'Got every badge' badge?

    Do you know anyone with a badge making machine? Our County has one that can be borrowed. That way you could maybe create a one off, pin badge for her
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    Hi Lena, welcome to the forum. There are lots of ideas to be found here and if you need something in particular just ask. Someone on here can usually supply an answer :)
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    Identifying old Guide proficiency badge with a ship

    Should have added, this is from the 1968 handbook, but the badge may have been around longer than that :)
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    Identifying old Guide proficiency badge with a ship

    Here you are, it's a traveller badge
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    Just joined

    Hello Bells, welcome! You will find lots of ideas on here and if there is something particular that you need, just ask. Some one will usually have the answer :)
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    Idea! Best activities for the summer term

    I don't think my Brownies would be happy if we didn't have a water games evening.