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  • Hey Bramblebush
    I've just remembered that I saw that you said you got badges for making the tea bag covers for the world conference. Were these badges just for making the tea bag things, or the World guiding goes tartan badges? I just want to make sure that my guides, and more importantly my camp blanket, are not missing out on anything!
    I am working at Accents Office, Jeremy Downs House, Senior Way on Monday if that is any good.

    Bag looks super!
    Looking forward to putting my percussion section in something safer than a carrier bag :)
    I have the Nights Away on order - so mine must be on the way .... but Mexico badge sounds interesting :)

    I have my wire cutters ready to help you thro' :)
    How many is "we"?

    Just give me an idea as I have only just ordered for division.
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